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Patty Schilder Aankomende exposities 2014

30 maart t/m 3 april, Galerie Stam- Amsterdam

 30, 31 mei, 1 juni Open Atelier Jordaan

 7 oktober t/m 2 november, Jubileumtentoonstelling NVK, Deventer

Piel Desnuda Een reizende expositie van 4 vier keramisten, uit 4 verschillende landen: Chili- Zweden – Frankrijk- Nederland :12 t/m 18 mei Centre Marius Sidobre arcueil-cachan Frankrijk 

1 november t/m 1 december Keramikos, Kunstlijn- Haarlem

Fond farewells to Kati Va’mos

Fond farewells to Kati Va’mos  Photograph Joanne Richards

Many of you will have read of the sad death of our member, Kati Va’mos after a long battle with cancer. She served the Westcountry Potters Association as Exhibitions Officer for many years. In particular I remember attending an exhibition she organised at Exeter Central Library; there was much good work on show and everything went smoothly. She was also very active in the social firing events and often helped out with a firing. In this way she was able to share what she had learned with others.

Over the years I have met up with Kati at many activities organised by the association. One such event was at the home of Peter and Vera Stride in Paignton where various types of raku firings were taking place. It was a terrible day and the rain never stopped, but it was made happy partly by the cheerful attitude of Kati. We all huddled around the kilns hoping for some warmth, while Kati was full of enthusiasm and the desire to learn more about each firing.

A couple of years ago I was pleased when Kati joined a small group of Association members visiting the home of Christine Halstead, a Trustee of the Devon Guild. Christine had an incredible collection of ceramics – it was like an Alladin’s Cave for potters – I hesitantly held a bowl by Lucie Rie and Kati was delighted to examine the smoke markings on a pot by Adrianne Spiers. Her joy was infectious and genuine.

In June 2001 the WPA had a Sunday social gathering at Bickleigh in Devon when Foot and Mouth Disease meant we could not hold our annual two day fair. Two members were asked to demonstrate: Nic Harrison throwing in the morning and Kati following with a talk about her smoked firing. I remember she said she had been inspired by North American Indian pottery and particularly Pueblo techniques. Despite sometimes suffering from ‘golfer’s elbow’ due to repetitive burnishing, she still persevered with her exploration of methods to obtain unusual patterns of smoking. I am sure she refined and increased her repertoire as the years went on – Kati was not a person to stand still.

For many years I enjoyed seeing Kati at the summer Exeter Cathedral Green weekend event. She would be found explaining to strangers the secrets and joys of smoke firing. When she saw a friend, her face would light up with delight. WPA members who have seen her pots will know she used coloured slips and created exquisite forms and shapes in making her gemlike pots. For me, they always seem to sparkle and fizz with an electricity that came from their maker. I will never forget her joyful smile and the twinkle in her eyes as she discussed pottery. Kati will be much missed by myself and many other Association members.

 Joanne Richards

 Kati was a well known westcountry potter, a member of the Devon Guild since 2000 and of the  Westcountry Potters Association for almost 20 years. Throughout this time she was always generous and unstinting in her support; demonstrating, exhibiting, and as a committee member; organising various exhibitions, including several at Exeter Library. On a personal note I must add that her intelligence and humour made some of the more tedious committee meetings we shared, much more bearable.

Her work was initially inspired by Pueblo Indian pots, but under Kati’s hand this deceptively simple technique of burnishing and smoke firing was refined into work that was distinctly hers. Other potters have remarked on her willingness to share her knowledge but above all on her enthusiasm, this particularly came across during her demonstrations.

The work a potter creates is a reflection of the maker and in Kati’s work you can see her warmth and generosity embedded, indeed burnished into the surface of each piece she so lovingly created.

I have heard it said that a person continues for as long as a memory of them remains.

As well as everything else; Kati was a potter and there are hundreds perhaps thousands of homes with examples of her work in them, each a warm and vibrant reflection of the hand that made them. Now, and for many years to come,  each of those owners will value and cherish their memory of the potter they knew and loved. I know I will! Tim Gee Kati Vamos


 On behalf of the membership the committee made a donation of £50 split between the two charities nominated by the family

 WPA Newsletter January/February 2014




Paperclay Boek van Astrid Sänger en Otakar Sliva

Hier is dan het nieuwe paperclay handboek waar hobbyisten en professionals zo lang op gewacht hebben! Astrid Sänger en Otakar Sliva laten ons zien hoe je paperclay maakt en hoe stap voor stap een object tot stand komt. Achter in het boek is plaats voor een galerie met foto’s en beschrijvingen van werk van Europese kunstenaars die als inspiratiebron kunnen dienen. Met ISBN: 978-3-200-03202-6 is het te bestellen bij iedere boekhandel. In Duitsland ook bij die Boekhandel Ecker in Höhr-Grenzhausen. In Nederland bijvoorbeeld bij Keramikos in Haarlem. Een duidelijk en zeer verzorgd boek, een aanrader!paperclayboekIMG_5316 13 paperclayboekIMG_5313

Expositie Wim Borst


AD Gallery & Consultancy
Grote Koraalberg 17
B-2000 Antwerpen, België
Keramiek van: Wouter Dam, Wim Borst, Daniel Levi en Anita Manshanden

18 januari t/m 13 april 2014
Open: zaterdag en zondag van 14.00-16.00 uur en op afspraak
T. +32(0)494285894

beelden van Hansje Aelvoet zijn te zien in het weekend van 8, 9 en 10 november in galerie Artijean in Kaatsheuvel

leger malloten

leger malloten

In het kader van Kunst Loon op Zand vindt er in het weekend van 8, 9 en 10 november a.s. een groepsexpositie plaats in galerie Artijean, Luxemburgstraat 27-29 in Kaatsheuvel.Openingstijden:

vrijdag 8 nov. : 17.00 – 22.00 uur

zaterdag 9 nov.: 13.00 – 17.00 uur

zondag 10 nov.: 11.00 – 17.00 uur



Ik wil graag de volgende exposities bij u onder de aandacht brengen:

The Blue Revolution expositie in Museum het Prinsenhof Delft (met werken van Adriaan Rrees, Jiansheng Li, Pepijn vd Nieuwendijk, Wan Liya, Zhang Ling Yun, Hugo Kaagman, Pauline Wiertz, Tineke van Gils, Adrie Huisman, Chris Dagradi, Wendy Steenks) is op 1 september op transport gegaan naar het Imperial Porcelain Museum in Jingdezhen (China) . Opening 19 okt 2013.

Museum het Prinsenhof Delft, tentoonstelling: Delfts Blauw, Kunst of Kitsch, met naast veel historisch Delfts Blauw ook werken van oa. de artists in residence in China: Adriaan Rees, Tineke van Gils, Pauline Wiertz, Pepijn van den Nieuwendijk, Jackson Li, Wan LiYa. Te zien tot jan 2014.

Galerie: Brigitte Reuter, Keramisch Atelier, Brigittenstraat 12, 3512 KK Utrecht: Celadon (porselein en steengoed) van Tineke van Gils en kalligrafie van Anneke Roozendaal. Opening 2 november 2013.