Swanica Ligtenberg


Achterdijk 29
1191JH Ouderkerk aan de Amstel
Mobiel: 06-27294468
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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/swanica.ligtenberg

Omschrijving van het werk

I find a connection with Mother Nature and meaning of life through the creation of ceramic art. Ceramic artist specialized in low-fire functional/non-functional clay wares and wall-art ceramics. Features of my work are: – New forms of cutting, pasting, folding, shaping, and transforming. – Engraving and spraying with lines and curves. – Working with themes to deepen research in shape and decoration. – Wall Art. – Alternative fire techniques. General characteristics: Colors in slips, glazes. Lines in shapes and decorations. Transforming by cutting, pasting and folding. Modern design in shapes.

Technische gegevens van het werk

I like low-fire work because of the colors. They burn out far less as high temperature ware. Especially the slipware colors and low-fire glazes give a wonderful variety. Most of my work is thrown on a wheel and altered. I specialize in the raku horsehair technique and the Kamakura-Red glaze ware ( my own developed red glaze). One removes red hot pieces with the raku horsehair technique from the kiln and applies horsehair or other materials, which carbonizes and leaves black marks and fumes them. This results in exquisite warm earthenware colors, and expresses the elegance and harmony of nature through her abstract designs, the interplay between line and form, and surface treatment. I lived in Kamakura Japan from April 2006 until March 2013. This city in Japan inspired me because of its history and culture and art. The first Shogun made Kamakura the capital city for 2 centuries. The Kamakura Bori wood carving technique developed in that time connected with my own red ware and love for engraving. My “Kamakura-Red” glaze symbolizes love, passion and strength.


Born in Rheden, the Netherlands in 1955. 1) Educator/ psychologist; 1977 – 1981 in Holland. 2) Ceramic education at the L’Art decoratifs Geneve, Switzerland from 1981 – 1984. 3) Moved to America where I worked professionally until 2014 and had the following jobs: – Joined galleries to show my ceramic art made in my workshop. – Had feature shows and groups shows. – Participated in workshops. – Gave workshops at school, conference and private. – Teach privately. – Participated in competitions and won quite some awards and had artwork in several musea. – Held positions as chairwoman, vice president, web maintenance, secretary etc. in ceramic art organizations. 4) Moved to Japan from 2006 – 2013 and had my 2nd workshop and her gallery. 5) Returned to the US, sold our home and moved to an apartment in San Francisco. I sold my ceramic workshop in the US. 5) Move partially back to the Netherlands. Started renovation on our house (what is still in progress) and only there will I have my workshop. 6) Will start my ceramic work again in 2015 in my new workshop in the Netherlands.


Low-fire ceramics. URL: www.swanceramics.com


1984 – 2014


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