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Omschrijving van het werk

The work in my portfolio characterize a particular event or a memorable occasion. They interpret how I view a particular situation or what I felt at that time. For example the first piece, Dance. This is an abstract interpretation of a Bharatnatayam dancer. Bend knee in the front with straight back and hands reaching the sky. The lines depict the movement and grace of this dance form. The cinnamon tree series was direct version of sadness an obvious response when a whole forest was burnt down by the local administration. My work reflects my thoughts and emotions. It also give an insight into my culture and surroundings. The wine jar piece is one such example. This vessel is usually made in terracotta with no decoration and hung on hook or branch of tree. The motifs on this piece depict hunting scenes, animals and the tribal daily life. The painting style is inspired from cave painting from the near by region. In general my art work is an ensemble of my feelings, books I have read and the places that I have traveled. It can be a mere sketch or an object that grabbed my attention. Sometimes I add an element of humor to my studio products.

Technische gegevens van het werk

Dance: Stoneware, wood fired.58cm. Cinnamon Trunk: Raku / Ash glaze. 100cm Wine Jar: Earthenware /under glaze/Oxides.75cm I usually work in stoneware but I am comfortable with terracotta or earthenware as well. I make my own glazes. My techniques usually depend on the artwork. I occasionally slip cast. I like to intricate decoration, hand painting and adding lot of textures to the form.


Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA), 2003, Sir J. J. School of Art, Mumbai, India Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSC), 1999, Ramnivas Ruia College, Mumbai, India Secondary School Certificate (SSC), 1997, Holy Cross Convent School, Kalyan, India




15 years


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