Fordernpreis der Nassauischen Sparkasse Wiesbaden

Gefäß in Keramik und Porzellan / the vessel in ceramics and porcelain
The theme of the 8th Naspa Ceramics Talent Award 2016 has been decided:
FOKUS GEFÄSS / FOCUS VESSEL Gefäß in Keramik und Porzellan / vessel in ceramics and porcelain.

Theme: For this competition, which calls for entries internationally, vessels, vessel sculptures and representations of vessels in clay or porcelain or other ceramic material are requested. The focus is placed explicitly on “vessel” in a classic or contemporary interpretation.

Applications: Applications with no more than two pieces or a group of vessels may be accepted. The prerequisite for acceptance to the competition and the exhibition is an interpretation of the theme which is convincing to the judges, artistically interesting and aesthetically appealing.

Closing date for entry: Sunday, 14 February 2016, midnight